Heat Sealer - 12" Hand Sealer

Stand Up Pouches

12" Impulse Heat Sealer


The SUP305 hand impulse sealer seals flexible retail packaging such as custom stand up bags and other types of environmentally friendly packaging. This particular hand impulse sealer seals quickly and efficiently without any warm-up time and has a 12-inch seal length with 425 watts of heat sealing power.

Environmentally friendly packaging such as custom stand up bags requires the right type of hand impulse sealer and the SUP305 delivers. Set the timer, insert the packaging, press down and release. We recommend holding down the sealing arm for an additional second or two to ensure enough time for the bag to set and cool.

Maximum 12" seal length

5mm seal width

Heat Sealers ship directly from the manufacturer and  may arrive separately from your stock bag order.

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